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Virtual Tarot Party

Looking for something fun to do at your next party? How about a Virtual Tarot Party?!? Great for Halloween, bridesmaids, girls night in, or just for fun!!!

Tarot sessions at a party create conversations, fun, and insight for your guests! AND now you can do it virtually!


How it works:
~Create a sign up sheet, or I can email you one when booking.
~We can decide how long of a reading you want to offer people based on the size of the party. 
~Set up a dedicated computer/tablet in an area where your guests can have privacy.
~Doll it up with paper and pen, some candles, crystals, or a fun set up.

Then, just like at an in-person party, guests sign up for their time slot and sit for their session!


Tarot sessions at a party are great because they create 'something to talk about' for guests, as well as insight and understanding into their lives!


Want to do the whole party virtually- as in no guests are together??? Then you can all join the zoom and listen to each others readings from ANYWHERE! We will still do individual sessions, while everyone listens in. This can be super fun for folks who are separated by location or happenstance.


Time Suggestions:

Ten minute sessions per person means 5 people per hour, considering the 'in and out' time it takes to switch seats. (suggested)


We can also do:

13 minute sessions at 4 people per hour

18 minute sessions at 3 people per hour

28 minute sessions at 2 people per hour

5 minute sessions at 10 people per hour

8 minute sessions at 6 people per hour

Virtual parties are two hours for $225.

If you would like a longer party please EMAIL ME!

Mystic Mirror print out for your remote tarot reading party with Tarot by Sky

If you are interested in a party longer than two hours, or have questions, please feel free to email me.

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