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Tarot by Sky Class Options

Reiki Attunements

Reiki is the Japanese Art of energy work.  I am excited to be sharing Reiki as an amazing healing tool that can be used every day to help calm stress, clear illness, balance Chakras, and focus your body’s energy.

The benefits of Reiki are limitless.⁠
Reiki works with your bodies own energy to create healing for your highest good in the trilogy bodies.⁠
~ Mental/Emotional, Energetic, and Physical.~⁠

Anyone can learn Reiki to heal themselves or others. Reiki Attunements allow the bodies natural energy system to open space for healing.

I offer in-person as well as virtual classroom options for most of my classes.



Reiki One

Reiki Level one allows for you to work on yourself and others using your own natural energy healing abilities.


We will cover :
* History of Reiki
* Reiki Ideals/Principles
* Energy Awareness Meditation
* Basic Chakras
* Technique ~ including Hand Placements for self and others
* Receive your Reiki One Attunement.

Find my Virtual Self study class HERE.

Next LIVE zoom/in-person class will be

Sunday Oct. 15th from 12-6:30pm

Reiki Two

Reiki Level two allows for you to sharpen your work on yourself and others while also incorporating symbols to amplify abilities and heal through space, place, and time.


We will cover :
* Reiki Symbols
* More in Depth Chakras and stone use
* Chakra Meditations & receive digital copy
* Reiki Healing Technique ~ Including Distance Reiki
* Pointers, practice, and practical use
* Receive your second Attunements.

Prerequisites Reiki Level 1

Find my Virtual Self study class HERE.

Next LIVE zoom/in-person class will be

Sunday Nov. 12th from 12-6:30pm


Reiki ART Master

Advanced Reiki Training Master opens the doors for advanced techniques and sharpening skillsets. This advanced level class is jam packed with technique, experienced lessons, and unique opportunities from a Natural Intuitive Healer with a lifetime of healing work and over 14 years of teaching Reiki. 

In this class you receive your Advanced Reiki Training Master Attunement and will learn:

  • the Usui Master symbol and how to use it.

  • advanced Reiki techniques such as cutting negative cords and removing energetic blockages

  • How to perform a psychic surgery (invisible surgery on an energetic level) to heal emotional, spiritual, and physical issues

  • Reiki meditations for enhancing spiritual connection.

  • Using the Antahkarana symbol

  • Create a Reiki Crystal Grid for healing and manifesting

  • How to remove negative attachments

  • How to clear spaces

  • Determining which Reiki tools to use during an in-depth healing session

Prerequisites Reiki Level 1 & 2.

If you are ready to move to ART Master level please reach out so we can get a group together for class.

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