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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

This page will help you determine which service may be right for you and gives an overview of what I offer.


ABOUT Reiki/Energy Healing

The benefits of Reiki are limitless.⁠
One of the greatest benefits of Reiki as a healing modality is that it has techniques that bring forward the capacity to transcend space, place, and time. This allows for not only the past, present, and future self energies to be healed but it also lends itself to be done at a distance. I have successfully been doing remote sessions for clients all over the globe for over a decade with great success.⁠
To support the sessions I can use singing bowls or guided meditations to help the mental aspect 'overcome' the perceived physical 'divide'.⁠

Reiki works with your bodies own energy to create healing for your highest good in the trilogy bodies.⁠
~ Mental/Emotional, Energetic, and Physical.~⁠

It can help with:⁠
~stress reduction⁠
~balancing your energy⁠
~releasing energetic and/or emotional blockages⁠
~emotional processing⁠
~alleviating pain⁠
~invigorating mind, body, and soul energies⁠
~ negativity detox⁠
~ clarity in self⁠
~ feeling calm and peace⁠

  • Reiki Healing Session

  • ​​The Grove Inner Self Soul Healing

  • ​​Third Eye Opening

  • Past Life Regression

  • Dream Interpretation

  • House Cleansing

  • Party Booking

  • Soul Story Spirit Coaching


Due to COVID restrictions there are only a limited number of in-person sessions available per month. Please schedule a virtual session if at all possible. Remember, there are different scheduling types for each phone, video conference, or in person so choose accordingly for proper availability.

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