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Sweet Little Birds own design of Bracelets- Angel Bracelets.

She has gotten her own website! Click HERE to visit it.

As a talented and creative 7 year old Lil Bird started Angel Bracelets with a goal to buy a particular toy. Seeing the value in this opportunity to work with her to learn about money AND the ability to do great things while providing a valued service/product we created a plan. ​After she made it to her goal she decided she loved the entrepreneur life so much she wanted to keep going with this project. The lessons it has taught her are great ones and we are grateful for your contribution to them.

She wanted to celebrate by doing a special series of bracelets with engraved beads. This quickly turned into new editions with varying custom 'lil bird' beads.

Keep coming back to see which new edition she has created. So far there are traditional Angel Bracelets, Legendary Edition, Legendary Dragon Edition, Illusion Edition, Galaxy Edition, and more.

While her GiGi helps her string the beads she does all the creative edition planning, bead choosing, and placement. She also helps package and ship. So proud of her!

For most of the editions we donate $1 per bracelet sold to charity.

She chooses the charities with loving, heartfelt care.


Shipping to the US. Porch Pick Up available for those of you in town.

We can also gift wrap if you would like to send them as a gift.​

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