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Tarot by Sky Class Options

Energy Workshops

Do the terms energy, frequency, vibration, life force, etc. speak to your soul but you are having a hard time understanding the lingo? Do you often feel 'pushed around' by others energies and emotions? What exactly it is your life force energy and what does it mean to YOUR life? Do you have vivid dreams that feel like they are 'more' but aren't sure how to navigate them? Are you struggling with how best to connect to intuition so it becomes the tool its meant to be?

All of these things are apart of the natural abilities of the energy system, but no one gives us the manual on how to connect with them best! That is why I have created these courses, because I believe

"When the one is strengthened, the sum benefits."

Looking for REIKI classes? CLICK HERE.


Intro to Chakras

We will cover :

  • Basic energy flow. 

  • Chakras, the Aura, Soul Energy, and the Universal Energy.

  • The trilogy bodies. 

  • Why knowing the energy system matters.

  • Balance.

  • The Three Intuitions.

  • Consistent/Persistent work.

  • Universal Trust.

  • How to Process and Release. (w/ meditation)

  • PLUS each chakra has information on the following:

    • Color/Name/Placement, Sanskrit name, Tone, Sound, Prime Function, Divine Principal, Physical Property, Sense, Anatomical Connection, Emotional Connection, Stones, Scents, Element, Fundamental Function, Foods, When Healthy, When Unhealthy/Physical Repercussions, and a Chakra Affirmation for each chakra.


Self-Study virtual class through Thinkific is ON SALE for $21 and registration is at any time.


Energy in Action

The Understanding Energy in Action class is a great tool for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of self and soul. It covers everything from heightening the intuitions to dream interpretations in ease to incorporate, every day exercises to create a practical understanding that is easy to put into practice.


This class includes :

  • 26 PDF course modules

  • step by step energy exercises

  • prerecorded video lessons

  • guided meditation audio files

  • the ability to review & listen to two different sessions of 2 hour live recorded classes

See a preview for FREE of the 

Virtual Self study class HERE. ON SALE for ONLY $77.

Next in-person class will be summer 2023.


Energetic Boundaries

Boundaries are clear communication about how you would like to be loved.

Every interaction we have, be it physical or emotional, creates an energy exchange. Boundaries are a way to help ensure that balance is maintained during those interactions and exchanges. They are the standards that can be set in the ways which you would like and need to be loved. When we approach boundaries from this place of intention of balance and openness to being loved then the value of setting boundaries becomes infinite.

When you finish this workshop, you should be able to identify the ingredients that create balance in your life, feel confident in instilling actions and choices that support that balance, and have a stronger sense of self based on what you have discovered.

This course uses Sky's new, not yet released book-

The BIG journal of (energetic) Boundaries. 

which is a daily journal guide to creating healthy boundaries using the chakra system.

This will be a hybrid zoom/in-person class beginning Monday, February 13th at 7pm EST and running every other week until May 22nd.

The course is $350 for all 4 months and comes with a limited edition print of the journal.

A $75 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. Balance is due before class begins.

4 person minimum and 10 person max.

Register here by February 5th.

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