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The Grove

The Grove’s Inner-Self Soul Healing is a process that combines deep energy work, soul healing, cleansing and balancing. The process is unique as it supersedes the Ego and works with the client’s True Self, to facilitate the healing process. In this way, fear is diminished and Love is the prominent energy used. The core energy system can be cleansed and cleared of unwanted, negative, and stagnant energies. Parts of the soul-self that have been damaged, disconnected, or distanced can be retrieved, healed and reconnected. If there are energetic cords that are calling to be cut (which come from outgrown or toxic energies), they can also be released. When this occurs, the system is brought to its highest and best position to allow for a union with the true self. The Grove is different for each client because it uses the Practitioners Own Intuition, the soul energy guidance of the client, and guidance from the Universal Energy. When the process is complete, the feeling of “coming back to the self” should be the experience.

This process is a combination of guided meditation and deep energy healing. It works with the body's own natural neutral energy flow to create the highest and best good for the healing of the recipient. 

It can be a powerful tool when moving through cycles of growth to allow for a new energy pathway that is more in tune with your organic flow to become prevalent, leaving behind old learned behaviors and patterns.

If you are interested in The Grove Soul healing please don't hesitate to reach out to see if the Grove is right for you.

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