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Marie Laveau or Ogou Vodou VeVe Charm:

Obsidian & herbs in resin on 16-inch cord necklace.


Each necklace has a specific intention set dependent on the Lwa it is blessed to. 


Marie Laveau- enhanced energy/intuition

Ogou- protection/feeling secure


Please indicate when ordering which style you would like.


Please note that this necklace is not waterproof. Please remove before showering or swimming!

Each necklace is unique, that is the beauty of handmade! 

Some small bubbles sometimes occur in the creation process.


... more to come.




1. How long is usual shipping time?

I usually ship all the items within 1-3 working days. 

Most shipping is Priority UPS



We accept Paypal and Major Credit Cards.



If there is a particular energy you are trying to achieve please let me know. :0 )

Vodou Veve Resin Charms

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