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Have you ever wished you could start the week with a personalized message straight from Spirit? Some people find comfort in hearing a positive and guiding message to start the week. This six-week Monday Mojo email reading gives you a personalized paragraph to start your week for six weeks. Tapping into source to look at the opportunities & pitfalls helps you make the most of the upcoming week. Plan accordingly with insight, understanding, & future focus as we delve into your weekly messages to set a growth-full tone and give you what you need to refocus towards self. Step into your highest good using this email insight, your free will process, and decision-making skills.


This special is for EMAIL ONLY readings!


Please be sure to send the email you would like your reading sent to and the full name of the person receiving the reading.


Your email will be sent the Sunday before the weeks starts each week!

Weekly 3 card Email Reading (six weeks)

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