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Ever dreamt of starting your week with a message directly from Spirit? Imagine receiving a personalized, uplifting, and guiding message every Monday to set the perfect tone for your week ahead. Our Monday Mojo Email Reading subscription delivers just that –three customized, insightful points of interest tailored to your upcoming weeks journey, helping you seize opportunities and navigate potential challenges. 


With this service, you'll gain deep insights into your week's prospects, empowering you to plan with clarity and confidence. Each week, you get an email tapping into Spirit's Messages for you to provide you with the understanding and foresight needed to embrace your highest good. Transform your Mondays into a time of growth and reflection, using spiritual guidance to refocus and elevate your self-awareness. 


Step into your power and align with your best self through this weekly email insight. Let us be your guide in the journey of self-discovery and purposeful decision-making.


This special is for EMAIL ONLY readings!


Please be sure to send the email you would like your reading sent to and the full name of the person receiving the reading.


Your email will be sent the Sunday before the weeks starts each week!

Weekly 3 card Email Reading (six weeks)

$150.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
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