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In order to create awareness to all the parts of the self we use the 3/5’s check-in process. By giving persistent, consistent attention to each individual section of self we learn not only to identify each, but also to translate what each may be communicating. The key here is to tap-in with yourself three times a day for each five-minute check-in so you get a feel for how you interact at various times, in conjunction with various energies, as well as on different days, in different experiences. By having a range of view it allows for a sense of each part and what that feels like at your neutral base.


We will do this journaling for the entire 21 days.

“If we don’t know where we are then we cant know where we are going.” is the phrase I like to tap into when it comes to this work. You deserve to know yourself completely!!! This 15 minutes a day helps flush out that self-knowing. By starting here we can create a base understanding of your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, intuitive, and spiritual self. When we do the work of knowing the self all things that build on top of it comes from a sturdy and beautiful space.


THE THREE FIVES is a tri-daily self check-in to get to know the trilogy bodies of self better- mind/emotion, physical, and energetic. Three five minutes check-ins daily. 15 minutes a day can help heal your life!


Start a journal specific for this work.
Copy the columns into the journal and then list the areas of attention.

~~~ physical, mental, emotional, energetic, intuitive, and spiritual ~~~
Journal every day upon waking, during your afternoon, and upon reflection at night before bed for five minutes (total) each check in.
Do not judge your entries or your ability to tap into yourself.
In the beginning it may be difficult to sense some parts of the self and energy.
Through consistent and persistent check-ins your ability to identify will increase and therefor your self trust in all areas.
Be patient and kind to yourself.

3/5's Meditation and worksheet

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