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Understanding energy and its function is a fundamental step in also knowing and believing how it affects us. Energy is in all things and all things are energy. If we respect, connect, and allow the natural flow of the energies around us to be positive then they will do so. If we corrupt, control, and deter those energies then they will become stagnant and unproductive. Knowledge of the body’s natural flow process, the environments balance positioning, and the greater Universe’s patterns as well as the tools that can help you enhance those flows is a great way to stay connected to your highest good. 


This energy email reading will go through your 8 major chakras tuning into through remote Reiki. Looking at each chakra we will see the life lessons and messages that associate with that energy and bring them forward to you. It is a great ‘whole self’ reading to look at the inner work and path patterns that may be needed in your life.


It includes a reiki energy healing session as I tune into each chakra to see the health and wellbeing of each. If there is a challenge or something to work on then helpful tips will be added for work you can do for yourself to help self heal. I also include basic information on each chakra so you can learn how to tune in.

This is a great way to open up space for your personal self healing while getting an energy healing session AND some tools to work with your own energy.


Please send your full name as well as current city and state location in the notes section.


This special is for EMAIL ONLY readings!


If you are sending this as a gift, please put in the memo line the email you would like your reading sent to as well as the full name of the person receiving the reading.

NEW- Chakra Balancing Email Reading

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