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Tarot by Sky... 

because it's your future.

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Intuitive Spiritualist and Guide

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About Sky

Manbo Sky is a full time spiritual advisor, Reiki Master Teacher, textile artist, coach, and manbo asagwe. Tapping into her gifts to provide intuitive Tarot, healing energy work, workshops, spiritual group connections, and more is a way for Sky to help create balance and healing for all. 


With 30+ years experience in divination and a lifelong journey of intuitive spirit experiences Sky connects to each soul personally for their highest good. Believing deeply that “when the one is strengthened the sum is empowered lifts the individual soul and all things connected to it”. This allows for personal growth, community connection, and Universal Empowerment. 


La Source Ancienne – Manbo Asagwe - 2006

Love Church – Founder & Resident Pastor - 2013

SOGC – Founder & Resident Facilitator - 2003

Tarot by Sky – Oracle, Spiritualist, Medium, Healer, & Guide - 2000

“Grove” Soul Healing – Artificer, Instructor, and facilitator - 2010

Usui Reiki Master Teacher, certified 2009

Reiki Fire Master Teacher, certified 2016

CPD Accredited Life Coach, certified 2017


… and still learning. 

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Thats what clients said

I am new to tarot, and could not have asked for a better experience than I had with Sky, who was kind and incredibly thorough in her reading. My reading with Sky helped me to crystallize thinking around situations I have been in over the last year. Her insight was invaluable in adding clarity to my decision making.

TM 8/10/21

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