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I am happy to share these Client Reviews...

Like many things in life, people have different experiences and ideas when it comes to taking advice from Tarot. Finding a reliable source who can bring Truth and Clarity to life's important areas like Love, Career, Money, Health, and Purpose is a valuable tool when working through challenging times. Sky has accepted the gift of helping people as her life's work. Here is what some of Tarot by Sky's client's say about their readings :


I thought my visit was amazing!  You are more than intuitive.  You are actually able to make people feel better than they did coming in. I will certainly recommend you as mind blowing.  Loved my visit.  Linda 9/10/19

I was very nervous about the reading with Sky. She was very honest and she put me at ease. She was 100 percent accurate with all that is happening in my life and offered me support and guidance as how to move forward. I felt so at peace when I left Sky…even though I am going through a major life transition. I will definitely be going back very soon. I would highly recommend a reading with Sky. Janet 9/9/19

Sky is very straight forward, no sugar coating,  I appreciate the integrity of her guidance!! Nicole 9/4/19


Sky is always so helpful in her readings. I feel connected through her and the cards when she reads. I enjoy her and the readings so much. Truly talented. Jackie 8/24/19


Sky is so professional.  She explains the healing process and she is so willing to answer any questions one might have.  I also love that she doesn’t tell you what to expect, but allows you to fully experience all the power and sensations and emotions for yourself.  Sky also takes great time to answer any questions you have after your session.  KB 7/2/19

I have had multiple Intuitive Tarot Readings with Sky though it had been a few years since our last session.  My previous sessions were in her studio in Greensboro, but nothing at all was lost in this video session other than being able to hug her neck after another incredible session!  Sky creates an amazing experience of openness and the energy really moves during her readings.  I love working with her and will continue to use her services ongoing.  I highly recommend her as a dear soul who is without a doubt doing exactly what she should be as her services are right on target.  As I said, we hadn’t been together in a few years and she zeroed in on some issues that I needed to address and had hoped would come up in the session.  An amazing session yet again!! Douglas 7/1/19


In regards to Sk'y Energy in Action Course:

"Taking Sky’s class “Understanding Energy” was by far the best thing I’ve done for myself all year.  Sky is one of the most gifted energy workers and healers that I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.  She is deeply knowledgeable, but what’s even better than that she is skilled and brilliant at communicating what she knows into language and metaphor you can not only understand, but put to immediate use in your own life.  The binder with handouts she shared is a wealth of information that find myself looking through daily and I know I’ll return to it over and over as I continue to learn about energy. The homework that Sky assigned was so delibrate and so useful that I immediately had new tools and practices to get to know myself, my own energy and the energy of those around me in a profound way.  I’ve uncovered intuition and an understanding of self that I didn’t know I was capable of because of my work with Sky. I know that this course with Sky has already helped me in becoming a better coach and facilitator, but even deep than that she has helped me strengthen my relationship with myself. If you could only do one special thing for yourself all year, I’d highly and wholeheartedly recommend working with Sky in any capacity but especially by taking her “Understanding Energy Class”." -Alisha 8/19/19

Blew my mind --- This was my first ever reading. You made me feel very comfortable and secure, despite the fact that I was very nervous going into this whole experience. I left with a sense of peace and validation that I'm right where I'm supposed to be. I'm beyond grateful our paths have crossed and look forward to our next session! Monica 5/29/19


"I have been seeing Sky for almost 10 years.  A friend recommended her to me when I was going through a difficult time.  Sky is wonderful.  She senses your issues immediately and her tarot card readings are amazingly right on target every time!  I always leave with a calm mind and body and prepared to handle life’s challenges ahead.  I highly recommend Sky for tarot card sessions.  She is respectful of your life circumstances, your life beliefs and standards and your needs you want addressed during your visit.  

I wanted to do “The Grove” reiki session but, knowing it could be intense, I kept putting it off.  Finally I did it!  I’ve felt fantastic ever since.  I realized the toxic aspects of my life and now stay away from them.  The overall message I experienced was that I must start anew and keep away from the bad influences in my life!  I have experienced an amazing change and have grown in so many ways from the Grove session.  Though intense, very manageable and literally the beginning of a new life path."


So intuitive and an amazing amount of wisdom!  Sky helped me prepare for difficult situations coming my way and resolve successfully.  Had she not been made aware, the situation could have ended very differently for me and this situation was very impactful for the security of my future.  I’m very grateful for her insight and caring advice. "



“The reading was so accurate it was a little scary. Sky was really great. She answered any questions I had and the reading confirmed that I was headed in the right direction with the changes I am making in my life. I would certainly recommend her services to others."  ~ Linda

"Your reading made some pretty bold and specific claims. So far, spot on." Angie

"Your gift is amazing." Amy

"Had my first Tarot Card reading with Sky Bradshaw and she was Fantastic!- I highly recommend a reading with her. She was on the money and never had to ask me the first question. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks!!" Elizabeth


“sky is the REAL deal"  ~ Debra


"Such an awesome experience! Sky has a gift!"  ~ Lori


" I definitely will be going back...again and again!"  ~ Maureen


"If there were 10 thumbs up, I would give them all to her!! She was amazing!! Better than I ever expected!! I will be recommending her for years to come! Can't wait to book a party reading with her! THANK YOU!!"  ~ Brittney


"She was friendly and very professional. I would definitely recommend her"   ~ Robert


"Excellent tarot card reading. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I will definitely return!!"  ~ Melissa

In regards to The Grove Soul Healing:

"I participated in the grove session with Sky! 

I am so happy I did it. Today I was faced with a fear I've had for 25 years! I wasn't in fear, I overcame!! Thank you Sky!  I would 100% recommend the grove session! What a wonderful gift you've given me! Thank you Sky" ~  Nicole! 

 "It is very difficult for me to follow any meditation. I can't "turn it off" and focus. Instead I tend to wander off in multiple directions. So I am usually the one in the group that "doesn't get it". Whatever IT was. I had no idea what to expect in any way shape or form. With that said I found the grove to be very freeing. Glad I did it." ~ Kim

"The Grove is Sacred unto its own. It is a place I treasure in my life. My first experience was to witness what I had down and all that was there for me. I remember tears streaming down my face! Very life changing." - Melanie

In regards to workshops:

"Thank you. This was so awesome.." Cindi

"I'm very grateful for this opportunity - it has helped me get on a better track. Thanks again, Sky!!" Donna

I implore anyone who is interested in spiritual healing to contact Sky. I feel as though I've transformed and evolved exponentially since she appeared in my life as a friend and teacher. I can't express my gratitude for the tools and abilities she has helped me discover within myself that I now use on a day to day basis. She is an excellent and benevolent conduit of the Spirit and I have faith that everyone would benefit from her light. Love, Brian

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