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Three Card/One Question Email Special-

This is a quick situational email reading.

It will give 'yes or no' type answers with a little detail to help make your decision/choices.


Examples of specific questions include -

Is this career change right for me?

Will this event happen or not?

Should I do (or not do) this specific thing?

Is doing (XYZ) in my highest and best good?


Please schedule an appropriately timed reading if you have questions like-

What is my life path?

Where is this career path taking me and what can I do with this path?

Here's an easy hint- if there is more than on question mark in your question you need a longer reading than this.


Please be sure to send the email you would like your reading sent to and the full name of the person receivng the reading.


May you be well,
may you find peace,
may you be whole,
may you be blessed!

One Question Email Reading

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