Sky's variation to the Haitian art form of the sequin-covered Drapo Vodou or "Voodoo Flag". Vodou Drapo often tell a story of a loa (vodou spirit) that they associate with and are sewn while singing the praises of that loa. Each flag depicts the vévé symbol or image of the loa to which it is devoted. The flags are sewn with thousands of brilliant sequins and beads. The densely beaded flags of many of today's finest artists may take months or longer to complete.  


Each flag is hung on decorative cloth backing. Custom orders may be left without cloth backing to be framed by the owner.


This particular flag is dedicated to the loa Legba, director of the corssroads. Legba is know for opening the way and creating the bridge between dream and possibility.


These are one of a kind powerful pieces of art that have been sticthed with love, honor, and respect to the energies from which come forward from them. 


Serious Inquires can request a video of the flag by emailing me.

Legba Sequin Flag

  • Shipping is very expense to gaurantee these flags are handled properly. It can cost upwards of $300 to ship one flag. I will half shipping costs for anyone who pays full price within the United States. On discounted flags it is up to the buyer to pay full shipping. Pick up or delivery is always prefered when possible.

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