Energy Pendants A great way to help create the energy you desire!Infused with herbs to enhance the energy of self Energy Pendants can be used in a multitude of ways. Each one holds a particular energy depending on which herbs are inset in the pendant. These are wearable energy infused tools that are functional and cute.You can also place them in your home, office, or car for use there!Other Uses:Place the pendant in the room/space that you would like to work on. This will help create the intended energy in that space.You can also put them on your desk in your work/office spaces for an incognito energy amplifier.They can be used on an altar, in sacred space, as meditative focus points, during healing sessions, and any way you feel called.You can hang it in your car to helps it’s energy flow.Each is made with a particular energetic intent and can be customized. Please choose the energy you would like to work on below.Slight Variations in color tones may happen as these are all individually made.***all items sold as curious only. We make no claims to the efficacy of any product. All items interact with individuals as needed***

Herb Infused Energy Pendant

Energy Preference

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