These Energy Infused Spirit Candles might just be the thing you need to focus that intention in the correct direction. Whether using them on an altar or burning with intention they are sure to help focus your energy needs. These are made from Sky's sequin art images and are unique.


Energies/Spirits available:

Ogou- protection, healing, and amplification of inner strength

Dantor- Womens empowerment, change, and nurturing of self

Freda1- Love, abundance, self love, and seeing the whole picture

Freda 2- abundance, self realization, and seeing through the confusion

Simbi- communication and magick

La Sirene- creative prosperity, the muse, flowing with the energy of things

Agwe- direction, purpose, and choice

Marie Laveau- amplyfied magick, sincere change,highest and best self

Samedi- regeneration, sexual connection, rebirth, absolute healing

Loko- spiritual power, finding your truth, and honor in service

Legba- door opener, crossroads help, and clarity in decision making




Please choose which variety you would like when ordering.

Energy Infused Spirit Candles


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