Vodou Lwa Intention Anointing Oils are spiritually made essential blends mixed to the highest good of the wearer of the oil. Each oil has a specific intention set dependent on the Lwa it is blessed to. They all undergo a spiritual process and are mixed by a Houngan.


Ayizan~ Positive Energy for Business(especially women), enhancement in knowing the self, and heightened Spirituality (in ROLLER BOTTLE)

Fast Money ~ brings money into your hands faster and brings back money that is due (in ROLLER BOTTLE)

Freda ~ Attraction, Love, Drawing Good things near, abundance (in ROLLER BOTTLE)

Ezili Danto- Patron of Single mothers. Draw power through anger, overcome oppression, escape tough situations, guide upwards into freedom, turn away heartache. (in SKULL BOTTLE)

La Sirene-inspiration, seduction, luck and prosperity for creation and the artistic soul, muse energy, creative prosperity, safe passage in rough waters, hearing your heart song, creation (in ROLLER BOTTLE)

Legba ~ crossroads clearer, opening doors and pathways, making things clearer for motion and connectivity (in ROLLER BOTTLE)

Marie Laveau~ Spiritual Amplification. Uplifting ones own power. Speaking through the veil with ease and grace. Churning the intuition. Magical emphasis (in SKULL BOTTLE)

Oggun~ Protection, Security, Safe Travels (in SKULL BOTTLE)

Papa Loko~ healing and spiritual growth focus (in ROLLER BOTTLE)

Simbi~ Communication, Enhancing Psychic Tendencies, Meditation enhancement  (in SKULL BOTTLE)


Ghede- (limited to production in Oct.) sexuality, rebirth, getting your mojo back, supreme healing (in ROLLER BOTTLE)


It is a good energetic intentional practice to wear blessed and intentionally mixed oils to enhance ones purposeful energies or to draw specific energies into existence.


Anointing oils can be dabbed on the finger and placed on items such as papers, statues, or others items to bless. They can be used to dress a candle for an offering. They can be offered in whatever way you feel drawn.

For self: Use the oil on the inside of the wrists, the temples, the back and side of the neck, or any power point like a cologne or perfume.

We can make no claims to the efficacy but have had amazing response to these oils ;)


Some versions of oil are available for $5 in a 5ml roller bottle as an add on to other orders. Please let me know if you would like a small bottle added as a special order as an add on and I will make a special order for you.



... more to come.




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I usually ship all the items within 1-3 working days. 

Most shipping is Priority UPS



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If there is a particular energy you are trying to achieve please let me know. :0 )

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