21 Days of Alignment challenge

Starts February 14th!


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This challenge is meant to help bring alignment into your life. As we work forward instilling PROACTIVE balance we embrace the idea we do not have to experience imbalance to accomplish alignment. This can be done with small, yet powerful, healthy habits that can last well past the 21-day mark.


I believe that in order to turn change into growth it is important to set achievable, yet ambitious, goals. By creating a way to add dedicated exercises, which take only a small amount of time investment, you can achieve accomplishment on a persistent schedule. This creates lasting change.


I also want to help you bring awareness to your trilogy bodies- Energetic, Mental/Emotional, and Physical. While the upcoming emails will work on the Energetic and Mental/Emotional I urge you to add or maintain a Physical practice as well. If you do not have a physical practice in place I highly suggest you seek out a professional, or try to infuse an online class into your alignment practice.


The first seven days we will work on awareness. This opens up a clear view to how you connect (or not) with specific aspects of self.

The second set of seven days we will work on acceptance. That brings healing, understanding, and forgiveness (if necessary) to the parts of the self that no longer serve you. This will also bring forward how to work with your strengths and what those may be.

The third set of seven days we will work with actions that help create the alignment you are seeking long term.


It is believed to take at least 21 days in order to change repetitive behavior. This is important to remember, as you stay connected to the work for the highest and best results for yourself. Consistent focus brings ultimate growth, as you will see a lifting of your natural energy with time and dedication. While some things may seem challenging nothing in the course should seem grueling or impossible. It will take effort, as I believe “Anything worth having is worth earning.” but I believe if you put the energy in you will see amazing results.


Lastly, have fun! That is what life is about - growth through enjoyment! That means we leave Judgment out of the growth process. Where you are today and where you will be tomorrow will always be different. Change happens, growth is optional. We do not have to label one as bad in order for the other to be good. We can, however, take a proactive approach to get the results we are looking for.


I look forward to walking with you on this journey of growth.


May you be well, may you find peace, may you feel whole, and may you be blessed.









21 Days of Alignment Challenge

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