Thanks for checking out these super comfortable masks.

I started making them for two reasons. The first being my daughter has worked the entire pandmeic as an essential worker in a credit union. She is required to wear a mask all day, every day and eventually it started creating aggrivation on her ears and face. I went in search of the most comfortable mask for long term wear and found this style, the headband being a bonus comfort. Then I realized the pattern could be easily adapted for toddler and little kids. Since my small grand daughters still have doctors appointments and such it was a win-win creating cute little masks for them. That lead to people asking for masks for themselves... and here we are. You can order yours today. I have kept the cost super low as a service to the Universe and hope you enjoy these wonderful creations I have so much fun making!


Cotton cloth mask with soft lining. Sturdy elastic ear bands with size adjustment bevel that are comfortable and effective. This 3D style is the most comfortable I have worn.


They can be made in adult, children’s, and toddler. (Separate listing for each)


Family matching mask discounts available.


The matching headband is not only cute but functional- keeping the mask straps off your ears.


Porch pick up is available for local clients. Shipping included for out of town orders with a $25 purchase.

Masks or Mask/Headband Combos come in many varieties. Please peruse the categories above to get the full feel of pattern print options.