Love Church

Love  Church is an Active Meeting group that comes together for the soul purpose to a powerful tool on the journey of SELF. Topics change each week and vary, depending on 'whatever Spirit chooses'. If you would like to be invited to the Private FB group please request membership HERE .

Love Church is a collective of Spiritual Concious that allows for personal inner growth through spiritual presentation and community connectivity. The first half is Spirit Talk and the second half discussion with Oracle Card Drawing.

There is no denomination and it is free to anyone with an open heart. It is a judgement free zone with the focus on growing the self therefor empowering the whole. Beng personally responisble is key and nurtured in this environment.

Topics vary based on energetic content of the Universe.

Want to donate to support Love Church?

Venmo: Tarot-by-Sky

OR when in person church resumes you can bring coffee, sugar, creamers, waters, or cash.  We are now doing FB Live Love Church for those who are not in GSO, can't make the 11am EST Sunday gatherings, or just want to re-watch past Love Church sessions please sign up to the Love Church FB Group

Love Church has suspended IN PERSON sessions until further notice.

June 14th we celebrate 7 years of Love Church!!!!

Live streaming each Sunday at 11am EST  Love Church to our FaceBook Group page started in August 2018. Please join to catch all the LC sessions!

You can also find the Awareness, Acceptance, Action FB Page info HERE.

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