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Love Church


Love Church is an Active Meeting group that comes together every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 11am. It is for the soul purpose to get the messages you need to continue on the journey of SELF. Topics change each week and vary, depending on 'whatever Spirit chooses'. It is a collective of Spiritual Concious that allows for personal inner growth brought forward by Spirit Talk and community connectivity. The first half is Spirit Talk and the second half discussion.There is no denomination and it is free to anyone with an open heart. It is a judgement free zone with the focus on growing the self therefor empowering the whole. Being personally responsibility is key and nurtured in this environment.Topics vary based on energetic content of the Universe.


Love Church will stream live each session usually starting by 11:10 at the latest. To connect to the live stream please be sure to find Love Church w/ Sky Bradshaw in FB groups and ask to become a member. This is a closed group, so you will need permission to join.


If you are interested in attending in person please PM me for directions and further info.


Here are the Love Church Dates for 2019:
Jan.: 13th & 27th
Feb.:10th & 24th
March: 10th & 24th
April: 14th & 28th
May: 12th & 26th
June: 9th & 23rd
(6th Year Anniversary month!)
July: 14th & 28th
Aug.:11th & 25th
Sep.: 8th & 22nd
Oct.: 13th & 27th
Nov.: 10th & 24th
Dec.: 8th $ 22nd