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Thinking about Tarot?

When making life decisions, focusing on future plans, or creating space within our inner self we may need tools to expand our focus. That is when listening deeper to the truth of our destiny Path with an Intuitive Divination can make the difference between being stuck in a cycle or the release we need to move forward.

Need some energy healing?

Reiki Healing treatments or attunements can help with the aches and pains of life, are a great way to heal yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally, or are just the way to keep your energy high and focused. It can be that extra added energy boost you need to stay on top of the activities you have added into your full schedule, the thing you need to heal that injury, or the balance you need to keep the  sickies from hitting. Chakra work, energy cleansing, or healing work is a much needed compliment to a healthy regiment, and a healthy YOU! Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes the bodies own healing mechanisms’.

Tarot by Sky

All Intuitive Tarot and Healing Sessions can be done in person, via email, Video Conferencing, or phone.

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Certifications and Awards

La Source Ancienne- Manbo Asagwe
LEWA- Adjunct Pastor
Love Church- Founder & Resident Pastor
SOGC- Founder & Resident Facilitator 
Tarot by Sky- Oracle, Spiritualist, Life Coach, & Guide
Reiki Master Teacher certified
Reiki Fire Master teacher certified

Life Coach CPD Certified - Renaissance Life Therapy

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