When we work to treasure map our soul story we create a greater alignment with all the bodies- Soul, Emotional, and Physical. We become aware of what are our natural and organic soul choices might be, which often vary from the learned energy of emotional experience. These conflicts in energy - the emotional and the soul energy -often create physical discord. When we actively and purposefully map our experiences listening to all three bodies we can find energetic harmony.

In this coaching you can look forward to:

  •      Understanding why you would like change and reinforcing your focus towards it.

  •      Creating a plan of growth.

  •      Learning how to hear, address, and combat your learned behaviors, Ego, and critic.

  •      Understand your dreams and what they mean as cues in life as well as healthy processing.

  •      Look at habitual behaviors and how to change them for your highest good.

  •      Understand your core values, archetypes, and astrology connections.

  •      Learn how to let go.

  •      Understand and amplify your Intuition.

  •      Work with Gratitude and its energy.

  •      Create a new story story, then live it.

The purpose of a training such as this is for you to be independent, confident, and connected to your true self. That means you must know how to self-manage and have the confidence to believe what you are learning. One of my favorite things to say is “If you want me to take you under my wing then you better be ready to fly.” The only person who experiences your soul fully is you. I cannot know completely what that feels like. I can have an idea, a sensation, an intuition but I cannot know. That is why we work together to form a team to allow you to grow and learn all the things you need. This is done with the intention for you to be a unique and spiritually connected being. Not a version of me. You cannot be me and I cannot be you. This may also mean we don’t always agree when it comes to training. Sometimes this resistance may come because your Ego is bucking and doesn’t want change… in these cases I will urge you to move forward. I am stern and honest in these cases. Other times something may not feel right to you, please speak up. We will determine if it is your old patterns raising their head or if it is a true intuitive urge to move away from the work. This is your journey and we must have clear lines of trust and communication for it to work well. I am always open to honest discussion and find great love in this kind of work.

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