2021 Upcoming Class Schedule

As we move forward I have decided to begin offering classes once again on a virtual basis using Zoom and supporting those classes with PRIVATE ATTUNEMENTS where applicable, either in person or virtually. I will review this policy on a month to month basis keeping safety of my clients, family, and self at the forefront of my decisions. As I believe adaptability is one of human kinds greatest strengths I also believe we can move forward in growth using the tools at our disposal.

Energy In Action- A living retreat
July 12, 19, 26th
August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30th
at 7:00pm EST

Class Registration Fee $250
Before July 1st - Early Bird rate of $200 PIF

July 1st-12th - $250 or $300 in weekly installments

After July 1st - Two Options:

$250 with a min. non-refundable deposit of $50 due by July 1st and balance of $200 due July 12th.


Payment Plan: $300 with a min. non-refundable deposit of $60 due by July 1st and $30 payments per week prior to class. (*this is not a 'per class fee' but a payment option. Full balance will be due whether class is attended or not*)

Class Description:

Do the terms energy, frequency, vibration, life force, etc. speak to your soul but you are having a hard time understanding the lingo? Many times we know we ‘feel’ something more but have a hard time processing how to feel it. What exactly it is your life force energy and what does it mean to your life? This 8-week course will bring home the concept of energy work, energy healing, life force energy, and soul energy actions in a comprehensive and clear way. Each soul is unique therefor so is it’s energy experience and imprint. We will move through basic energy components, give you the language of energy in ways you can make your own, and have practice exercises to utilize your skill set in every day life.


Everything in this Universe is energy, so everything we connect with has some energetic experience. Make the best of every connection by knowing your energetic self. Ever wondered why some people just ‘feel off’ even before you hear them speak? Want to know how to ward off that ‘psychic vampire’? Have a room, car, or area that seems ‘jinxed’? Do you sense and feel the energy around you but don’t know how to work with it? Learn how to help build yourself up with daily achievable exercises to live your best energetic self!





Reiki One- (Shoden)
February 11th, 18th, 25th
at 7:00pm EST
Reiki is the Japanese Art of energy work.  We are excited to be sharing Reiki as an amazing healing tool that can be used every day to help calm stress, clear illness, balance Chakras, and focus your body’s energy.
We will cover :
* History
* Reiki Ideals
* Meditation
* Basic Chakras
* Technique ~ including Hand Placements
* Receive your Reiki One Attunement.
This will be an intensive class but it will give you everything you need for your first degree Reiki Attunement. 
Class has a 4 person min. to make.

Private individual attunements will be scheduled between the 2nd and 3rd classes.




Reiki Two (Okuden)
March 11th, 18th, 25th
at 7:00pm EST
We will cover :
* Reiki Symbols
* In Depth Chakras and stone use
* Chakra Meditations & Receive a CD
* Reiki Healing Technique ~ Including Distance Reiki
* Pointers, practice, and practical use
* Receive your second Attunements.
Class must have 4 participants to make.

Private individual attunements will be scheduled between the 2nd and 3rd classes.

These are a list of all the classes available



  • Reiki Level One and Two

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Holy Fire Reiki

  • Reiki Refresher

  • Reiki ART Master

Other Offerings:​

  • Energy in Action- A living retreat

  • The Grove Soul Healing Alignment 

  • Enlightened Business Practices

  • Altars and Service

  • Vodou 1&2

  • 21 Weeks to Positive

  • Spiritual Mission Statement

  • Core Values, Archetypes, and you

  • Dream Journaling

  • Soul Story

Free Kids Energy Circle

Every third Tuesday of the month at 7pm on Zoom.

Each week in class we will:

Begin with an energy affirmation.

Practice the Mindfulness Pebble Meditation.

Learn one short energy lesson.

Have an open discussion prompted by the lesson.



Please register your child here to receive the zoom link.