Classes Scheduled

Upcoming Reiki Class Schedule-

Reiki 1(Shoden)

Reiki 1 will be two week night classes for your convenience. 

Feb. 6 & 20th ~ 7pm-10pm ~ $150

Both classes must be attended to certify.


Pay non-refundable deposit HERE by Jan 31st 


Reiki 2(Okuden)

Reiki 2 will be March 7th ~ 10am-5pm ~ $150


Pay non-refundable deposit HERE by Feb. 28th 


Reiki Master(Shinpiden)

Reiki ART Master will be April 25th ~ 9am-6pm ~ $250


Pay non-refundable deposit by April 11th HERE  

All classes require a min. non-refundable deposit of $50.

Classes are limited to ten students and fill quickly.

There is a min. of 4 students to hold any class.


If you are already Reiki Attuned (any level) but want to sit in to my class to refresh yourself you can at the $50 previous student rate. 

If your original teacher was not me I will need a copy of your previous certificate, but you are certainly welcome.

Understanding Energy in Action-

A Living Retreat

Everything in this Universe is energy, so everything we connect with has some energetic experience. Make the best of every connection by knowing your energetic self. Ever wondered why some people just ‘feel off’ even before you hear them speak? Want to know how to ward off that ‘psychic vampire’? Have a room, car, or area that seems ‘jinxed’? Learn how to help build yourself up into your best and highest energetic position. Using the trilogy body theory this class goes deep into your own personal energy experiences, how you can make the most of them, and what steps you can put into place to protect yourself.


In this class we will:

•           Understand the energy system and soul complexity

•           Recognize and understand how different types of energy feel

•           Connect to the intuition with more surety 

•           Understand the difference between mind, body, and spirit connections

•           Understand positive, negative, and neutral energy

•           Know the difference between Ego Energy and True Self Energy

•           Know how to create a Safe Energetic Space within self and environment

•           Learn and use simple energy practices to enhance


Class Dates:

Feb. 24th

March 2nd, 9th,16th, 23rd, 30th

April 6th, 13th.

7pm-9pm EST

Classes can be taken in person and/or via videoconference.



Pricing is as follows:

Before January 31st -

Early Bird rate of $220 PIF



Feb. 1-14th $250

with a min. non-refundable deposit of $50

Pay non-refundable deposit HERE.

Pay Balance HERE


After Feb. 14th



Previous students can sit in for $50 considering you have your materials already.


Classes Not Currently Scheduled


  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Holy Fire Reiki

  • Reiki Refresher

Other Offerings:

  • The Grove Soul Healing Alignment 

  • Energy in Action

  • Enlightened Business Practices

  • Altars and Service

  • Vodou 1&2

  • 21 Weeks to Positive

  • Spiritual Mission Statement

  • Core Values, Archetypes, and you

  • Dream Journaling

  • Soul Story

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