Awareness, Acceptance, and Action- together we rise


As we find ourselves in a time of needing each other and our resources as community I have started revived a second FB Resource page for community. I will be sharing community free resources, posting self care tips, adding exercises you can do at home in this time of inwardness, and doing live streams periodically. The "Awareness, Acceptance, and Action- together we rise" page is a group open to anyone looking for positive, non fear based community. Please invite friends and feel welcome to add useful resources as you are called!

Several people have asked about ‘donating’ to this page to show their appreciation. While I usually would only request offerings of coffee, sugar, or flowers for the ancestors this isn’t practical in current situations since we are virtual. If you would like to Venmo so I can buy these things as your contribution please do so to

Venmo : tarot-by-sky (Sky Bradshaw)

Please know this is absolutely not required. I love and honor the work we do together and passing it forward through your healing, growth, and contributions to community is a great enough gift.

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