Angel Bracelets by Little Bird

Sweet Little Birds own design of Bracelets- Angel Bracelets.

She wanted to start her own line to earn money to buy a particular toy and I took this opportunity to work with her to learn not only the value of money but the ability to do great things while providing a valued service/product.

She made it to her goal and the Hatchimal has been ordered. Thank you all for supporting because not only was the one she wanted hard to find, its obviously a collectible and was more than we first planned for! Another great lesson.

She really is enjoying the entrepreneur life so she wants to keep going with this project. We will now shift $2 per bracelet sold to charity. (look for info on which charity soon.) We will also just leave the shipping free and take it out of the cost from now on. (previously I was eating those fees <3 )

While I help her string the beads she does all the bead choosing and placement. She also helps package and ship. So proud of her!


Free shipping on all orders to the US. Porch Pick Up available for those of you in town.

We can also gift wrap if you would like to send them as a gift.

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